Uses Mobile App for Brain Study

iDichotic-appThe Nansen Neuroscience Network member, Bergen fMRI group has developed a mobile app to test the brain. The app has been available on iTunes since 2011 and is featured in several hundred websites around the world.

The app, called iDichotic, gives the researchers an easy and reliable way to collect data. It is based on the standard consonant-vowel dichotic listening test where each ear is presented to different sounds simultaneously, and the listener must then identify the sounds presented. The test will indicate which brain hemisphere is more active when we process language.

The idea for the iDichotic app comes from Josef Bless, a PhD student in Bergen fMRI group lead by Prof Kenneth Hugdahl. In an interview with, Bless explains how he got the idea when listening to music on his iPhone: "I noticed that the sounds of the different instruments were distributed differently between the ears, and it struck me that this was very similar to the tests we routinely use in our laboratory to measure brain function."

The Bergen fMRI group. From left: Prof. Kenneth Hugdahl, Dr. Kristiina
Kompus, Josef Bless, Magne Gudmundsen, Dr. René Westerhausen.
Photo: Alex Craven/

The mobile app was developed in collaboration between Kenneth Hugdahl, René Westerhausen and Magne Gudmundsen. It has gained increasing popularity: Within a four day period after the app was featured on several international websites, more than 5000 people downloaded it. You can read more about the iDichotic on






Top photo: The iDichotic app logo.


By Johanne Egge Rinholm for Nansen Neuroscience Network