NNN Contact Meeting on Treatment of Dementia

DiaGenic u underNNN together with its member company DiaGenic hosted a contact meeting on March 6th with representatives from The Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway (LMI) and the University of Oslo. The topic discussed was current and future treatments and diagnostic options for dementia.

- Improving treatment of patients with dementia is an area of great interest for both the government and the pharmaceutical industry, and I am thrilled that we are getting closer to unveiling the enigmas of these disorders. The increasing number of elderly in the Norwegian population, and thus the number of dementia patients, is a major challenge for our community, said Karita Bekkemellem, Managing Director of The Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway.

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NNN member company DiaGenic are developing patient friendly tools for detection of early Alzheimer’s disease. Photographed in the DiaGenic laboratories in Oslo during the NNN meeting earlier today are Karita Bekkemellem, Managing Director of Legemiddelindustrien (LMI), DiaGenic Chief Medical Officer Magnus Sjögren, Professor Lars Nilsson from the University of Oslo, and DiaGenic Lab and Operations Manager Ann Kristin Knutsen.

Professor Lars Nilsson at the Institute of Pharmacology, University of Oslo, shared an update on current trends in research on Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, while DiaGenic Chief Medical Officer Magnus Sjögren offered insights into the product pipeline from pharmaceutical companies across the world. Sjögren revealed that the vast majority of products currently being studied in phases I, II and III for treatment of dementia disorders, are disease-modifying agents that may offer something very different from the purely symptomatic treatments of today. If proven safe and effective, these agents may be available for patients from 2015 and onwards.

The group was also given the opportunity to visit the DiaGenic laboratories and observe how their researchers are working to test and refine the technology for blood based detection of early Alzheimer’s disease.

- There is a major unmet medical need in the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. We are proud to show the advances we have made and the commitment we have to make a difference for patients. We also want to contribute to strengthening innovation culture and scientific collaboration in Norway, so it is a pleasure for us to host an NNN meeting where we can get to know more representatives from both science and industry, said Magnus Sjögren of DiaGenic.

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For a detailed review of products candidates being studied for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, see the 2012 PhRMA report Medicines in Development for Alzheimer’s Disease at


For Nansen Neuroscience Network, Leif Rune Skymoen