Neuroscience Conference by and for PhD Candidates

national-phd-conferencePhD candidates take full charge of planning for the 1st National PhD Conference in Neuroscience.

The Norwegian Research School in Neuroscience (NRSN) was recently established. NRSN is a collaboration between NTNU, University of Oslo, University of Bergen and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. It aims to facilitate courses and other training activities for PhD candidates in neuroscience across Norway. As a kick-off for its nationwide program, the NRSN will host the 1st National PhD Conference in Neuroscience, on 10 and 11 September 2013 at Stiklestad in Nord-Trøndelag County.

The conference is organized by and for PhD candidates. At a recent meeting in Trondheim, members of the organizing committee from all NRSN partner institutions met with PhD candidates from the Dutch sister organization of NRSN – ONWAR. In the Netherlands, the PhD Candidates have organized their own meeting since the mid-Nineties, in recent years attracting more than 200 PhD Candidates. The organizers are in full control of all aspects of the event, from practical matters to the scientific program. The NRSN director, Professor Menno Witter (NTNU), has strong ties to the Dutch Graduate School, having served as its director from 1999-2006.


The PhD conference committee and ONWAR representatives, from bottom left: Birgitte Berentsen (UiB), Guro Berge (NTNU), Gry F. Vindedal, Judith van der Harg (ONWAR), Els Borghols (ONWAR), Nouk Tanke (ONWAR), Torbjørn Bækø Næss (UMB), Bjørg J. Warø (NTNU), Ingvild Kruge (NTNU). Photo: Hanne Strypet, NTNU.

- The organizing committee aims to create an arena where their colleagues are offered an excellent opportunity to broaden their knowledge of neuroscience research in Norway, to practice their conference skills, and expand their professional network. All PhD candidates in the field of neuroscience working at a Norwegian institution are invited to participate, NRSN Coordinator Erik Ingebrigtsen says.

Funded by an 8-year grant from the Norwegian Research Council, the NRSN is able to offer the whole PhD Conference free of charge for the participants, even including travel and hotel accommodation. In this event, all participants play an active role, and present their research either as oral presentations, or as a combination of very brief "blitz"-introductions and a scientific poster.

Nansen Neuroscience Network welcomes the research school program and the establishment of meeting arenas where young neuroscience researchers can get together and generate productive collaborations.

- PhD candidates are the innovators of the future, and the National PhD Conference in Neuroscience will undoubtedly be an arena to exchange knowledge and ideas and to establish connections that may ultimately produce important innovations in the future, Leif Rune Skymoen, CEO of NNN, says.


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Top photo: The PhD Conference Committee. From bottom left: Birgitte Berentsen (UiB), Guro Berge (NTNU), Gry F. Vindedal (UiO), Torbjørn Bækø Næss (UMB), Bjørg J. Warø (NTNU), Ingvild Kruge (NTNU). Photo: Hanne Strypet, NTNU