Norwegian Health Association awards research prize to Tormod Fladby

Nansen Neuroscience Network would like to congratulate our chairman Professor Tormod Fladby for receiving the Dementia Research Award 2017. Professor Fladby receives the prize for his significant scientific contributions in identifying risk factors for development of dementia. The award is presented every year to an individual or a research group who has excelled in dementia research.

Professor Fladby works at Akershus University Hospital and the University of Oslo. His research on biomarkers in patient's blood and cerebrospinal fluid samples combined with brain imaging has led to better diagnostic tools for early detection of dementia disorders. Dementia disorders progresses over many years from normal functioning to mild cognitive impairment and further to dementia. It can take decades before dementia onset and by then is it too late to reverse the disease symptoms and brain degeneration. Early detection of disease activity might allow more effective treatment early in the disease course.








Photo by: Anne Elisabeth Næss

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