Exciting results from NNN member Smartfish

A study investigating the effects of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants in patients with Alzheimers Disease (AD), minor cognitive impairment (MCI) and pre-MCI have recently been published in the FASEB Journal. These patients received daily supplementation of Smartfish drink over a longer period of time

Results from this pilot study show that the nutritional supplementation strongly enhanced Aß phagocytosis by monocytes and macrophages, particularly in patients with MCI and pre-MCI, and also regulated abnormal inflammation toward control level. Both defect in phagocytosis and degradation of Aß and inflammation have been identified as mechanisms involved in developing AD. 

These positive results indicate that medical nutrition therapy could be an important element to slow the progression of AD. "We are very pleased with the results and will continue with clinical studies to confirm the effects in MCI and AD patients", says Janne Sande Mathisen, co-founder of Smartfish to NNN.

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