Can omega-3 fatty acids improve innate immunity against amyloid-beta?

Recently, the opinion article «Immunotherapy for mild cognitive impairment patients: a role for omega-3 fatty acids in improving innate immunity against amyloid-beta» was published in Neurology Central. The authors review the current research that indicates a role for omega-3 fatty acids in slowing the progression of mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

Clinical and observation studies of omega-3 fatty acids to stabilize cognition in elderly and MIC patients have resulted in mixed success. The authors point out that omega-3 preparations in previous studies were not protected against oxidation. Oxidation may render the preparations inactive. Nutritional preparations from NNN member Smartfish (Oslo, Noway), on the other hand, contains antioxidants. In clinical studies with nutritional drinks from Smarfish, supplementation correlated with an increase of Aβ phagocytosis by monocytes/macrophages in MCI patients. These findings suggest that improving the innate immune system with omega-3 nutritional supplementation may clear the brain of Aβ and possibly repair the pathology of Alzheimer’s dementia at the MCI stage.

Read the full text at Neurology Central here