Arendalsuken: "Apetitt for livet"

During Arendalsuken in August, Nansen Neuroscience and Year of the Brain collaborated on a public meeting covering stroke and dementia.

There were many influential participants, amongs other Anne Rita Øksengård (the National Association for Public Health), Olaug Bollestad (Storting representative Krf), Anne Hege Aamodt (leader of Norwegian Neurological Society) and Randi Flesland (director of The Norwegian Consumer Council). 

The main theme was modern treatment of stroke, and furthermore we covered the importance of healthy food for dementia patients in nursery homes and for those patients living at home. Forbrukerrådet has followed up extensively and recruited 20 organizations to ensure increased political will for healthy and good food for dementia patients. This is not the case today for many patients.