alzhiemers-drugs-croppedNew studies published in Science found that a drug thought to greatly reduce Alzheimer's symptoms is not as efficient as previously reported. 

Aftenposten-Helseindustrikonferansen-smallerOn May 24, Aftenposten advertised the Norwegian Heath Industry Conference (Helseindustrikonferansen), which takes place in Oslo on June 6. The main article was about dementia and the story was based on statements by Professor Lars Nilsson at the Dept. of Pharmacology, University of Oslo and Nansen Neuroscience Network CEO Leif Rune Skymoen.

norbrain36 projects proceed to the second round of the application process to receive funding for research infrastructure (FORINFRA) from the Norwegian Research Council.

Dagbladet ADYesterday, Dagbladet published a large article on the future treatment of Alzheimer's Disease. Nansen Neuroscience Network and several experts were interviewed about their view on the developments in the field.

Brain-Binoculars-2-smallThe binoculars were directed towards the interface between medicine and technology at this week's Nansen Neuroscience Network meeting in Oslo Science Park.

Ole-Andreassen-og-P4The Norwegian Minister of Education and Research, Kristin Halvorsen, today opened NORMENT, the Norwegian Centre for Mental Disorders Research.

obama-brain-initiative-croppedOn April 2nd, President Obama unveiled the highly ambitious BRAIN Initiative. "Important for multidisciplinary research and technological innovation," says UiB Professor Nils Erik Gilhus.

Brain-binocularsIn a series of meetings, Nansen Neuroscience Network takes a closer look at the opportunities for innovation in neuroscience.