Last week, NNN hosted a meeting where researchers, clinicians and industry met to discuss national harmonization of brain MR protocols.

NNN to host National symposia on October 22nd and November 20th.

Many think of lactate as a waste product produced in muscles during a workout, but lactate is also used by muscle and brain cells to produce energy. Now recent findings by the Bergersen Group at the University of Oslo (UiO) suggest that lactate can work as a signalling substance that may protect against cognitive disabilities. 

The Nansen Neuroscience Network General Assembly will be held in Forskningsparken, Oslo today.

This fall, Bergen fMRI group will hold a symposium on the current challenges and future promises of fMRI. Prof. Marcus Raichle is the keynote speaker at the meeting, which is co-hosted by NNN. 

Sigrid Marie Blom joins NNN as Project Manager. Sigrid has research experience from both industry and academia.

Moser-intervju-DSC00200-cropped1NNN sat down with Professors May-Britt and Edvard Moser for a neuroscience chat. They shared an optimistic view on the future of neuroscience and the involvement of the world's most powerful man. 

forskningsparken-339x133The NNN General assembly will be held in Oslo Science Park on June 20th. NNN Members will receive a formal invitation and related documents by e-mail on Monday June 10th.